Vasitthi (2018) for Orchestra (Full Score)

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Vasitthi (2018) for Orchestra
Commissioned by Thailand Philharmonic Orchestra.
Premiered and Conducted by Gudni A. Emilsson.

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Vasitthi (2018) for Orchestra
Commissioned by Thailand Philharmonic Orchestra.
Premiered and Conducted by Gudni A. Emilsson.

Program Note
The Pilgrim Kamanita composed by Danish Author- Karl Adolph Gjellerup who won the Nobel Prize
in Literature as known by Thai people ‘Kamanita and Vasitthi’ by Satienn Kosate-Nakhapradeep (Phraya Anuman Ratchadhon).The story is about the love couple- Kamanita and Vasitthi. Kamanita traveled for his trading trip toKosambi city and fell in love with Vasitthi who was a King’s daughter of this city. The music begins to narrate about the atmosphere of love at Asoke lawn where the couple met each other and promised to love in every life and nation. The violin solo plays in accordance with harp and strings at the beginning of the song describing about black love as Vasitthi said about Black love:

My love has the colour of no flower. For have heard it said that the colour of truest love is not red but black blue-black as Shiva’s throat became when the god swallowed the poison which would otherwise have destroyed all living beings. And so it must always be. True love musty be able to withstand the poison of life, and must be willing to taste the bitterest, in order that the loved one may be spared And from that bitterest it will assuredlv prefer to choose its color, rather than from any pleasures, however dazzling. (credited by John E. Logie)

The melody of violin is changed from the utmost love to suffering fulfilled with harmony of chords squeezing and not be released. Both are falling to the depth of sorrow emotion because they are unable to love each other in this life. When SĀTĀGIRA concocted and informed Vasitthi’s father that Kamanita was killed by ANGULIMĀLA during his trip back to Ujjeni. SĀTĀGIRA married to Vasitthi. In wedding ceremony, Kamanita saw them by chance. Even he saw Vasitthi’s unwilling and sorrowful face, Kamanita became dissolute person and abandoned himself then associated with thieves. The misery from love made both of them to be free from it. They found Budhha in Human’s world. Vasitthi decided to ornate as a nun but still searching for Kamanita until she died. While Kamanita didn’t understand this freedom from suffering, even he had a Dharma conversation with Buddha. Later on, Kamanita and Vasitthi were born in heaven. They both saw birthing and dying in heaven and Brahma level. Vasitthi understood this truth before her nirvana, followed by Kamanita who realized this truth later.

The music at the end plays representing the deep calm with Strings and Contrabassoon. The composer represents these sounds for the moment to lead into meditation state. Inhaling stands for high tone of Strings and releasing the exhaling with the low tones of Contrabassoon. The extreme difference is replaced by birth and dying which are the normal way of nature.

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